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Vietnam Employment Outlook Survey - First Half 2021

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Vietnam Employment Outlook Survey - First Half 2021

​According to the latest ManpowerGroup Vietnam’s 2021 Employment Outlook survey, employers in various industries are expecting the hiring intentions to recover and improve in the first half of 2021, despite the ongoing impact of COVID-19 pandemic. The survey was conducted with 442 representatives in HR and Talent Acquisition roles from 16 different industries.

At the time of the survey, while 36.4% reported that their businesses were slightly impacted by the pandemic, nearly 50% said they still operated normally under the impact of the crisis. However, given the fact that Vietnam recorded another wave of community transmission in late January 2021, and due to the pandemic complexity across health and socio–economic aspects, businesses, notably small and medium ones, are to be well prepared for challenges ahead.

Positive economic growth would likely boost confidence for employers to recruit more in the future. Hiring sentiments strengthened significantly when compared with the second half of 2020. Up to 56% of surveyed employers anticipated an increase in their employment and 37% said they would maintain the number of headcounts. Only 6.6% of respondents announced to trim hiring activities.

According to the survey, the employment outlook is very positive with up to 66% of the employers expecting their hiring plans to increase within the next three months, followed by 22% foreseeing that within the next six months. Strongest recruitment plans for the next three to six months were reported in Manufacturing & Processing, Construction, Wholesales, Retail and Trading, Transport and Logistics. Construction sector also kicked back thanks to the economic growth, accounting for 19% of those planning to hire in the first half of 2021, similar to that of Manufacturing & Processing.

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