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Vietnam Employment Outlook Survey – Second Half of 2021

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Vietnam Employment Outlook Survey – Second Half of 2021

According to ManpowerGroup Vietnam Employment Outlook Survey in the second half of 2021, the hiring activities in diverse industries are on the way to recovery amid the global health crisis. The survey was conducted from mid-May to mid-July 2021, right before the pandemic became more and more complicated in the Southern region. The respondents include human resources managers, talent acquisition managers and HR specialists from 152 enterprises in 17 industries nationwide.

​​As per our findings, nearly 64% of the surveyed companies reported that their businesses were affected by the pandemic from mild to severe level, while over 36% said that their business operations remained unaffected.

Though the national economy has shown positive signs of recovery with GDP growth rate at 5.64%, our survey shows employers’ less confidence to recruit in the second half as compared to the first quarters of 2021. However, despite the crisis, employment activities are likely to recover in the short term, with 40% of employers expecting that their hiring activities would return to pre-pandemic levels in the next three months, and over 24% of the enterprises anticipating employment to return to normal in the next six months. Strongest recruitment plans in the next three to six months are reported in six industries.

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