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Business Story: Talent Retention in The Digital Age

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Business Story: Talent Retention in The Digital Age

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Huong, Country HR Manager ManpowerGroup Vietnam, had an exclusive interview on the "Business Story" program of HTV9 TV station. With many years of experience in the field of human resources at multinational corporations, Ms. Huong has made practical suggestions on the secret of "Talent Retaining in 4.0".

According to Ms. Huong, the resignation of good employees will cause considerable loss for organizations without the right talent strategy. In case the resignee has important contributions to the business, the organization will face a great "loss".

Ms. Huong also shared new work models in the digital age. According to “How Vietnamese Want to Work?” survey by ManpowerGroup Vietnam, up to 87% of Vietnamese candidates prefer something other than a full-time job such as part-time, temporary, freelance, project work etc. In particular, according to ManpowerGroup's Total Workforce Index 2018, 57% of Vietnam’s 57.5 million labor are the contingent workforce.

With the current trend of highly flexible work models of employees, employers in Vietnam need to revise their HR policies and benefits to meet the expectations of the local workforce. For example, organizations should facilitate flexibility for permanent positions, such as workplace and work time flexibility, etc. Notably, in addition to compensation and benefits, employers need to care more about employees’ career development and enable them to have a work-life balance