Business Breakfast #1 - Top HR Trends In Logistics 2022

Business Breakfast #1 - Top HR Trends In Logistics 2022

As the leading global workforce solutions company, ManpowerGroup Vietnam has pioneered in organizing this event series monthly to share thought leadership from ManpowerGroup and our honored guest speakers.

On the morning of 14 April, the insightful knowledge and expertise from our 14 years of workforce/HR solutions in Vietnam intertwined perfectly with valuable sharing on Logistics young workforce trends from our honored guest speaker amongst a cozy and beautiful setting of a top F&B venue in Ho Chi Minh city.

Logistics is the backbone of any business. Over the recent years, the industry has witnessed radical changes under the impact of Covid-19. Nevertheless, with the significant recovery and growth of businesses in importing/exporting or e-commerce, experts believe that more opportunities along with new challenges in logistics are waiting ahead, including the labor-related ones. Using temporary and seasonal workers (contingent workforce) is among the popular trends that companies globally are following.

Our Business Breakfast #1 welcomed 2 distinguished speakers:

Ms Trang has 12 years of extensive experience in HR Consulting Services. Her expertise includes recruitment & assessment, career management, and workforce consulting. Trang is the Country Head of Permanent Recruitment and Consulting Services at ManpowerGroup Vietnam where she has been working since 2008.

Mr. Khiem is a leading expert in the field of Logistics and has extensive experience in developing technology startups in Vietnam. He is a business leaders specializing in Marketing, Strategy and Digital Solutions with focus on innovation. Mr. Khiem is currently Head of Marketing at VIoT Group & SmartLog.

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