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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) requires us to foster qualitative, sustainable relationships with our employees, clients, suppliers and the community as a whole. This is demonstrated through ethical, ecological and social principles and forms part of our daily activities. We work to change life and communities for the better.

Aug 06 2019 Labor Commitments Dialogue

Policy dialogue on international labour commitments related to child labour - the path to supply chain transparency in the context of international integration



​Child labor remains a global issue, especially in Southeast Asia and Vietnam in particular with occupations in agriculture, handicrafts or traditional work. Given the background of free trade agre...

Dec 14 2019 Dsc03730

ManpowerGroup & CFVG Coffee Talk: Putting Sustainability into Practice



​"Sustainability does not only mean voluntary or CSR, but it needs to be rooted from the organization itself, via the training and upskilling for its employees as well as building an integrated and...

Dec 20 2019 1 Website Spotlight

Doing Well By Doing Good 2019-2020 - The Child Friendly Libraries



​​The chilling touch of the early breeze on the environment is a signal of the spring and New Year.As a benevolent tradition, every year, ManpowerGroup Vietnam implements fundraising activities to ...

Jun 29 2020 0b847164f19d0cc3558c6

Deploying International Commitments to Prevent, Eradicate Child Labor


Hai Phong

​On June 29 in Hai Phong, Ms. Le Thi Kim - Head of Staffing and Outsourcing Services, North Vietnam attended the Consultation Workshop: Deploying International Commitments to Prevent, Eradicate Chi...

Nov 16 2020 Cover Event

The Child-Friendly Library in Ca Mau


Ca Mau

​As part of The Child-Friendly Library project, ManpowerGroup Vietnam has coordinated with Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF) to build a diverse and convenient reading space for children ...