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The Future Factory

The Future Factory: Mapping the skills that will power manufacturing

We are going through the Digital Transformation Era, with the transition to full digitization already well underway and accelerating daily in all sectors. Digitization, automation and transformation are affecting every industry, disrupting skills and creating new jobs.

ManpowerGroup’s The Future Factory research shares that 65% of total jobs that Generation Z (born in 1996 and after) will do don’t yet exist. As jobs evolve, so will the skills needed to perform them. The World Economic Forum (WEF) points out that 42% of the core skills within roles on average are expected to change by 2022.

In the timeline of manufacturing evolution, We are now at the tail end of Gen 2 which is characterized by the transformational power of extreme improvements in software. With the high speed of evolution (it took about 70 years to move from Gen 0 to Gen 1, 35 years to move from Gen 1 to Gen 2), we expect to be fully immersed in Gen 3 emerging beyond 2020 where technology becomes more widely available in all aspects and characterized with intelligent systems.

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