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Permanent Recruitment & Executive Search (old)

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Permanent Recruitment

We have over 70 years of expertise in finding executives for our clients worldwide. Our experienced business consultants are equipped with strong expertise and background in various industries. Our work is based on a proven and structured methodology, where in-depth interviews and personal tests are an important part of the process. We aim to deliver on high-value, business-critical searches to help our clients, who are both global and local names and start-ups, to find professional talent and executives for your business success..

Borderless Talent Solutions (BTS) 

Expanding your talent search beyond geographic boundaries is complex. Sourcing the right talent requires local recruitment experts. And mobilizing them successfully takes a coordinated global network. BTS is specifically designed to help you move in-demand talent from skill-rich regions to markets with talent shortages quickly and efficiently. Leveraging our unsurpassed global network, local recruiting expertise and labor market experience, we create new talent sources and deliver the entire process, from finding scarce talent to visa advice.

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A Candidate Recruitment Process that works for you

    1. Discover: First we get to know you, your objectives and your company’s culture. We spend time at your workplace to understand the positions you need to fill, and the characteristics of the ideal candidate.

    2. Recruit: We develop a recruiting plan based on what we learn about you. Then we tap into our network of contacts and strategic alliances to identify potential candidates.

    3. Qualify: Next, we meet face to face with candidates and assess their skills and their fit for your position. And we verify their professional references and work histories.

    4. Match: We present the top candidates to you and manage the interview process.

    5. Offer and Ongoing Follow-Up: We present your offer to the candidate, handle negotiations, and deliver the final signed offer letter. And we’ll be there to make sure the first days on the job go smoothly.