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Mass Recruitment


Flexible and scalable approach

With an extensive talent pool of registered, pre-screened candidates at our fingertips, we have direct access to skilled individuals who can step in and contribute to your business at a moment’s notice.

When your business is faced with seasonal highs and lows, or engages in special initiatives, our recruitment process means you can enhance your business agility, productivity and competitiveness – while reducing your hiring timeline and costs. Whether your project is short-term or long-term, with a varied range of services and flexible delivery options we’ll curate a solution that’s bespoke to your exact requirements.


​Our process

  • We’ll help you find the talent you need with haste. Our professional recruiters will source the best candidates from our database, and supplement this if needed with recruitment campaigns to help you engage a short-term team or hire full-time staff.

  • After initial screening, our recruiters conduct interviews on the candidates’ knowledge, experience and skills. We provide mass recruitment for varied roles including casual workers, PGs/PBs, sales, customer service staff, etc.

  • Our team will work closely with your HR and operation teams to prepare a detailed needs assessment. Then, we will create a specific recruitment plan with an optimal level of cost and time expenditures.